Writers Guidelines

Business Forward is a community for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to learn it all, from marketing to work-life management and everything in between. The content found on our website must be business-related and include topics around entrepreneurship, startups, technology, among others. 

Our authors are experts in their fields, with unique perspectives and knowledge on the subject, and they frequently have a large following of their own. We hope that these contributors will be able to curate and generate content that appeals to Business Forward’s current readership while also assisting us in reaching out to new audiences.

Think you are the perfect fit for Business Forward? Then keep reading! 

How Can You Apply to this Process?

Before filling out our application form, make sure you have clearly identified your niche and that you already have interesting, properly written content covering your niche published in several credible locations. We are particularly seeking contributors who have already demonstrated their worth by building a large following and publishing works and quotes in high-authority publications. 

You’ll need to send us your application, fill out all the information and uploading your finest work.

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of your application being successful: 

  1. Keep your application as brief as possible. Don’t send a lengthy essay describing why you’re an expert in your profession and how mutually beneficial your collaboration would be. Keep it short and sweet, but offer enough links for the editor to do their own research if necessary. The editors almost definitely receive dozens of emails like this every day.
  2. Emphasize your reach. Include some of these in your proposal if your posts have received much attention or have good conversion and engagement metrics.
  3. Be concise. The editors will consider only the best applications. Make your subject and body as brief as possible, and make reading your application easy.
  4. Be clear. Keep your content concise and straightforward.


Business Forward style bible

Before we can consider your work, you must read and follow the style guidelines and use agreements listed below.

  • The Oxford comma should be used (after the last item in a list and before the “and” or “or,” use a comma).
  •  Do not add a period at the end of the title and subtitles.
  • Always add a period at the end of every paragraph.
  • Always italicize and explain the first use of foreign words. Exp: “It’s au fait (to the point)” Exp: “It’s definitely au fait, or to the point.” Exceptions: if in common usage (ad hoc, karma, acapella, etc.).
  • Always Spell out the word “and” in the article. Do not use “&”.
  • It’s best to split up lengthy paragraphs online. Longer posts are simpler to read and less overwhelming as a result.
  • Subtitles should always be included (makes your post more searchable on Google).
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated, and we take it very seriously!
  • You can quote, extract, or directly source information at any time, but always remember to cite the source.
  • Avoid typos or grammatical problems in your contributions. Please double-check your work before submitting it. Business Forward will work smoothly if the writers can ensure that mistakes are corrected before submission.
  • The content we accept is business-related: marketing, entrepreneurship, startups.

We’re not expecting perfection from authors. We are, however, requesting that they take notice. When it comes to submitting material, they should read it more than once. To cross-check it with a friend. To put their best foot forward.



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